"Kitty" - My Best Friend

Now many people like have a pet , someone like dog, someone like cat. Yes, I have a so lovely cat, First saw her, I fell in love , so her name is "Kitty", because I love Hellokitty so much..

The frist thing I want to do for my kitty is give her a warm & sweet home...So , go to a cat supplies shop is my first step , where I can buy cat bed ,cat toys, scratcher and so on ..

Pink is my favor color, so all things for my kitty must be PINK , aha..  , I bought a pink tunnel for kitty, which can be her toys,you know every cats like break to break, tunnel is a good choice for cat to play.

Oh... what house should I choose ? My friend told me that cardboard house is the best choice ,  cat like scratch, every cardboard houses would have scratch board for cat to play, so , I choose a beautiful house make of cardboard for my kitty, she like it so much.

Kitty, I love you so much, every trip, I didn't fogot to buy gift for you, you are my best friend .


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